Holm Garden Martial Arts Holidays

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“Connect body and mind…”

The Martial Art

Shaolin Kung Fu is the root of all martial arts, originally developed in the Shaolin Monastery in China about 1,500 years ago. Since then it has branched into many schools such as Chauan, Choy-Li-Fatt, Hong Ka, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Choon, and many others. Master Pao has incorporated the Southern Shaolin – known for complex and powerful fast-hand moves – and the Northern Shaolin – with its kicking techniques – into one Kung Fu system. Master Pao’s system is an effective physical and mental discipline of practical self-defence, combined with Qi Gong for the cultivation of body and mind. The aim is not only to enable one to learn the best skills to defend oneself, but also to strengthen and increase vital energy and prevent illness.

Course Contents (Four Levels)

  1. Ei style (hard form, maximum force with minimal effort)
  2. Lotus Hand, Chin Na and Pushing Hand (soft circular form)
  3. Lohan Palm (soft form)
  4. Interception techniques (soft and hard form)

Skills Taught

  • Effective defensive and offensive skills
  • How to maximise your external and internal power
  • An extensive system of Chin Na and body co-ordination
  • Speed and agility
  • Precision and timing
  • Awareness and intuition
  • Self-confidence, self-control, and well-being

Qi Gong

This is one of the oldest forms of Chinese medicine, used in helping you to cultivate your vital energy as well as heal and prevent illness. It is an antidote to the stress and strains of modern-day life and an important component of our training. Benefits of Qi Gong training:

  • Enables the body to heal itself
  • Stimulates the lymph system
  • Eliminates symptoms of arthritis and chronic fatigue
  • Enhances ability to maintain an inner calm
  • Assists the flow of energy in the body, thereby reducing both mental and physical blockages
  • Increases flexibility and develops internal strength
  • Reduces stress by developing relaxation skills
  • Works towards a harmony of mind and body, which can slow down the aging process

Daily Training Schedule


Morning Training Session in Tung Fatt Park

Running, Qi Gong meditation, basic punching, kicking and hand techniques

10.30am Breakfast
11.30am Break / Self-study

Afternoon Training Session

Defensive / offensive techniques, sparring or yoga

The level of the afternoon training will vary, depending on the skills of the students

  • To complete level 1 (Basic punching, kicking and techniques): 1–2 weeks
  • To complete level 2 (Basic punching, kicking, techniques, and sparring): 2 weeks–1 month
  • To complete level 3 (Intermediate programme): 2–4 months
  • To complete level 4 (Advanced programme): 3–4 months

During their stay, students are encouraged to go to bed before 10pm if attending the morning programme. Attention is paid throughout the course to individual capabilities.

Sparring on the patio at Holm Garden A guest practises the art Group practice session